Pool Removal, Demolition And Excavation Services In San Jose

The cost of maintaining a pool in the San Jose area has gone up by a lot in the last few years. Some pools can have an annual maintenance cost of $3,000 plus, and that’s not even counting repairs!

Are you thinking about getting your pool demolished?

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Steps Involved In The Pool Removal Process

  • Step one: making sure the natural gas line and electrical wiring is properly shut off.
  • Step two: emptying the water out of the swimming pool
  • Step three: puncturing holes in the base
  • Step four: removing the start of the pool, and filling it with extra materials
  • Step five: breaking it down
  • Step six: hauling the debris away to be disposed of in accordance with local city regulations

What Type Of Excavation Equipment Is Used?

The equipment used will vary depending on the size of the pool, and the access available. An excavation company that is experienced will know the exact equipment to use. To tear down a pool, contractors will often use an excavator or track hoe.

pool demolition equipment

What Access Will The Excavator Need?

You will need a 12 ft wide open space so that an excavator can fit in your backyard, anything less than 12 ft will be tight. Do not hang wires or tree branches in the way, as these can block their path.

What Permits Are Required In The City Of San Jose?

Every city has different requirements for pool removal, here are the San Jose Pool Removal And Demolition Permits. It is advisable to ask your excavation contractor if they have the proper permits before they start the job.

  • The following things are required to get a permit:
  • The Planning Division needs to confirm that the pool is not part of a residential area.
  • They should have called the permit center and spoke with a planner.
  • Abide by the Construction & Demolition Diversion (CDD)’s guidelines when it comes to the proper recycling and disposal methods.

What are the Benefits of Pool Demolition?

  • Spend less because residential swimming pool maintenance is no longer required
  • It may make your home more attractive for reselling by appealing to a larger audience
  • Expand your yard space for other things like home gardens and paving
  • Lowers hazard risks to young children and the elderly
  • Demolishing a pool is about 65% less expensive than remodeling it

How Are Above Ground Pools Removed?

Above ground pool excavation is often significantly less costly and quicker to do. They also require fewer permits and are governed by less city regulations. It typically involves the simple process of draining the pool, tearing it down, and hauling it away. Above ground pool removal costs about $1000 – $3,000.

Cost Of Removing A Pool

Pool demolition estimates can depend on many factors including:

  • The dimensions of the pool
  • How much space an excavator has to access the job site
  • Weather you are interested in a full or partial excavation project
  • The material used to build the pool including, gunite or fibre
  • How close the landfills are
  • If the pool is inground or above ground

The average price for removing an inground pool is about $10,000-$12,000 according to this San Jose Mercury News article about pool removal, but it can vary a lot based off of many factors.

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