Pool Demolition & Removal Arlington TX


The last thing you want to think about when installing an inground swimming pool is getting rid of it in future. It can be a though task especially because they are often made from fiberglass or granite materials.

Despite the hardships, there is a high demand for pool removal services which has made it possible for some companies to specialize in it.


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Reasons Why People Decide To Get Rid Of Their Pool

  • Where the pool requires extensive renovations/repairs which the owner cannot afford to undertake or has no intention of paying for.
  • The owner might require the space for something else (might even be for an upgraded new pool)
  • The owners are no longer interested in owning a pool, or they sold the home to a person who has no interest in owning a pool.

So, how expensive is it to get rid of an inground pool? The truth is that, it depends on a lot of factors.

The Excavation Process

Before the pool demolition process can begin the contractor or homeowner must make sure to secure and abide by the swimming pool regulations in Arlington TX.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to pour sand in an unwanted pool and just move on. Because there’s no drainage to get rid of the rain water, it is very easy for your old pool to become unstable and muddy. It is also possible for the pool to rise up as time goes on, because of the pressure from the earth.

Excavation contractors in the Arlington TX area will need to raise the pool deck, and put large holes in the shell in order to make room for the water to drain. After this, they can backfill and landscape over the pool. This is the cheapest secure process, and a really ambitious pool owner with a jackhammer can even undertake it themselves.

Cost Of Pool Excavation

There are several circumstances where this basic pool removal technique cannot be achieved or is not even desirable. For instance, if you intend to construct another structure on that spot, you might need to demolish the old pool and haul out all its materials. Also, there are certain local laws that regulate how pool demolitions should be done.

Depending on the pool size, the quantity of materials to be removed, and whether there’s easy access to move heavy equipment in your backyard, the cost of demolishing an entire swimming pool  in the Arlington TX area is about $10,000-$15,000.

An In Depth Look At Pool Demolition

Regardless of how much you spend on your pool removal, you should keep in mind that it can sometimes increase your property value.

Though the effect of having a swimming pool on a property varies according to the location, removing a pool may have a positive effect on the value of the property, especially where the pool is in bad condition.

Savings On Pool Maintenance Equipment

There several ways of getting back what you spent on removal. If you have pool equipment that is in excellent condition, you can decide to sell it to the highest bidder and earn good money. Lots of websites including eBay, have active markets where pool equipment is sold. You might gain more than you imagined from the sale of that forgotten pool pump.